Fish In the River (Lo​-​Fi Version)

by Will Stenberg

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Home-recorded one magical night with cheap Scotch in a former whorehouse by a broken freight elevator.


Walking, not running,
talking, not gunning
for no one, at least not tonight.
I don’t know what love is
but you said it’s just show biz -
I’m thinking you may have been right.

Turn-about’s fair play,
at least on a Tuesday
and every day’s Tuesday ‘round here.
I’m making a mockery
of your astrology
and you still let me sip from your beer.

But you dance like the water.
Like fish in the river.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Heavy-handed and heart-sick,
you know what makes me tick:
It’s not all that hard to explain.
But I broke all your windows
with a steel-top dobro:
now your living room’s flooded with rain.

Jaded and jaundiced,
I put you on the guest-list
even though you don’t like my band.
You stayed through the first set
then lit up a cigarette
and left with a middle-aged man.


Now lost like a quarter,
the days getting shorter,
I play my guitar like a kid.
And everything crumbles.
I drink and I tumble.
I do just what I always did.

So let’s make a movie,
me, you and Suzy.
We’ll sell it on the street for a buck.
I’m all out of money.
It would almost be funny
except that I’m shit out of luck.


My guitar keeps ringing.
I can hear myself singing.
I’m picturing you in my head.
With God as my witness,
love’s just show business:
it’s just like you always said.

So pack up your negligees.
Say all your hip-hoorays.
I’m taking you out for a spin.
We’ll make all the night spots,
show ‘em what we’ve got,
hiding the shape that we’re in.



released March 14, 2008
Me + Jubal Stedman + Nicky Pancakes



all rights reserved


Will Stenberg Portland, Oregon

Will Stenberg is searching for the perfect marriage of text and tune, mediated by himself with maximum honesty. He spends a lot of time writing songs and has a vague, persistent hope that there is an audience for them. He is from a small town, has lived in various parts of the US, and is full of love and unease. ... more

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